Invasion EP Released! Invasion EP Released!

We're proud to announce the releasing of our first studio recording EP called Invasion.


Give it a listen for FREE!

LIVE at Dusk EP Recording LIVE at Dusk EP Recording

Take a look at our SoundCloud Channel to give a listen to the FREE EP called: LIVE at Dusk ! ! !

What we do

LIVE Music Entertainment

Business Venues

Our preferred motive, beyond creating our sound... is to invite you to listen LIVE for yourselves to enjoy and experience.

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Private Gatherings

Whether Indoors or Outdoors, Concrete Beach is weatherproof for your entertainment. From parties, to weddings and more, we'll jam your ears with a wide variety of music to dance the night away!

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Live Recording

What's there to be said?  We love to record LIVE sessions to give you the best IN THE MOMENT musical creation.

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Here’s a brief summary of what kind of sound we pump out into the audience!

  • Live Instruments
    Guitar, Bass, Violin and Drums. Possibly some Piano 😉
  • Multiple Vocals
    Concrete Beach will submerse your ears with a full vocal range from our various singers.
  • Professional Equipment
    Not only do we take our music seriously... but we seriously take care of our professional equipment to provide the best sound and performance for your entertainment. You get what you pay for, and our equipment reflects that with a premium sound.
  • Own Arrangements
    From our Originals to our Covers, we provide a well balanced Set-list for any venue!
  • Sound-Quality
    Indoor & Outdoor venues are welcomed! Indoor sound quality is better but whose to say outdoor venues sound awful? Our band has the necessary PA systems to setup for every occasion and be sure the audience can hear the music well with appropriate volume and clarity.
  • Rights Protection
    Concrete Beach is Trademarked. 2019 All Rights Reserved.

Rehearsal Space

This is the Concrete Beach Lair where most of all our musical magic swirls around..puffs up into smoke…and precipitates back down again. 

Musicians don’t need much room to be able to produce a lot of sound.  Trust me… it’s PLENTY loud in here.

The Ever-Changing Jam Room

The beautifully enclosed concrete rehearsal room.


Always have fun

Rule # 1: Always have fun.


We jump ship time-to-time =D

Embrace the more 'rustic' look feel as our alternative hotspot is revealed.  We've actually LIVE recorded here twice.


Concrete Beach does provide Merchandise for our fans!

Inquire with us!

True Musicians at Heart

Meet the Band

Zach Paul
Zach Paul
Aaron Capone
Aaron Capone
Jared Correia
Jared Correia
Nathan Mendonca
Nathan Mendonca
Cassandra Borkman
Cassandra Borkman
Brendon Borkman
Brendon Borkman
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476 Productions
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